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How To Grade Silver Dollars

Grading the silver dollar is not an easy task. Actually, even the top coin collectors do not have an easy route. They have actually had to take a lot of time and practice so that they can perfect this skill. Coin grading can be defined as the advancement of a thought that explains the state of a specific coin which will be agreed unanimously by most coin collectors and dealers of these types of coins. There is no exact formula to be followed when grading silver dollars. Therefore there is no first which can be applied by all interested ladies so that they can come up with the same conclusion.Head over to

Silver coins are usually large in size. They are made of silver that is soft and mouldable. Although silver, as a metal, is quite easy to break, it is not very easy to obtain a full impression of the coin. This challenge is presented by the size of the coin. As stated earlier, silver coins are really large in size. This size also makes it vulnerable to small cuts and impressions made by bags.

To identify whether bone owns a silver coin which has been circulated or not, they should study the particular coin. If you can identify some form of wear, then the coin on hand is actually uncirculated. It is very beneficial to develop a keen eye during this process. This gives one the chance to capture features which could easily go unnoticed.

One can make good use of the internet. One can source a variety of silver coin samples from the web. The individual can then use the use the samples to practice by studying them. This way one learn more about this act of silver dollar grading. As stated previously,  silver dollar grading is not an easy task. One needs to dedicate a lot of time and practice to gain this particular set of skills.

Patience should be exercised during the process. For one to into if they coin they have is silver or not, the should look out for the following features. The sides of a genuine silver dollar coin are usually shiny. Therefore, anything with sides less than this is fake. One should also be attentive to the sound made by the coin. A silver dollar coin will make a low click. The date on the coin is also important. Silver dollar coins were only produced between 1964-1965.  Any coin with dates outside this time frame would be fake. Check out more at Currency & Coin.

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